SSA 10: Commissioners

SSA #10 is overseen by a group of seven volunteer SSA Commissioners. These Commissioners are appointed by the Mayor of the City of Chicago and approved by the City Council. Once appointed, the Commissioners can recommend and approve the annual services, budget and Service Provider Agency for the SSA. Every Commissioner serves for a 2-year term and must renew at least 3 months prior to their commission expiring if they wish to remain as Commissioners.

SSA #10 Commissioners

  • Mal Montoya, Property Owner; Chair
  • Luis Martinez, First Merit Bank; Treasurer
  • Terri Cox, Matanky Realty Group
  • Jerry Mazzie, Property Owner
  • Salvador Benitez, Benitez Brothers Tailors
  • Emilio Carrasquillo, Spanish Coaltion For Housing
  • Open Seat (Pending)