SSA 39: About

Special Service Area 39 (SSA 39) servicing Brighton Park and Archer Heights was established in 2007. Joining the now 44 SSAs throughout the City in providing services above what the City would normally provide to its constituents. These services include but are not limited to graffiti removal, advertising rebates and seasonal shopping promotions, storefront renovation rebates, vacant commercial property marketing, shopper shuttle bus service, and strategic planning for the Archer Avenue retail district.
Those services are funded by in most cases a less than 1% increase in property taxes to the businesses being serviced over the life of the SSA. In the case of SSA 39 those businesses encompass Archer Avenue from California Avenue to Karlov Avenue, Kedzie Avenue from Archer Avenue to 48th Street and Pulaski Road from 45th Street to 51st Street. This area has over 420 businesses.

A Commission provides oversight to the SSA. The Commission is made up of business owners from the service area. The Commission meets at least 6 times a year and reviews work that has been completed and proposed by the service provider, which in the case of SSA 39 is the Back of the Yards Neighborhood Council. The service provider and Commission are appointed by the City and reports on a bi-annual basis and are audited internally and by an independent auditor to provide the highest possible level of transparency in relation to SSA finances and work performance.

Some of the highlights of the SSA 39 program include its commitment to combating acid etching and building graffiti. SSA 39 has a contract with a graffiti removal specialist that removes graffiti without destroying or replacing windows on a constant basis. The SSA is currently experimenting with new ways to protect your properties from graffiti and has already implemented and researched more methods to prevent and fix the problem. To date the SSA has repaired over 1000 storefront windows and doors.

The SSA has also issued over $50,000 in rebates for storefront façade improvements in the last year and is expecting to issue another $50,000 in rebates this year for building improvements. Access to radio and newspaper advertising has been provided to all businesses in the SSA willing to participate either through a seasonal promotion or through the SSA advertising rebate program which covers 50% of the advertising cost. In addition to these services landscaping projects on a scale not done in Brighton Park or Archer Heights are being attempted. Currently Kedzie Avenue is the center of attention for a landscaping maintenance contract where flowers are planted on a seasonal basis. Grass is being regularly watered, fertilized, and trimmed to repair sections damaged by lack of maintenance and the unusually dry summer. Decorative fencing, seasonal plants, and trees were installed near the Kedzie Orange Line station to provide a welcoming environment to the 3,000 daily passengers at that station.

The crown jewel of SSA 39 is the drafting of a district study of the SSA 39 service area. The purpose of the plan is to make recommendations that SSA 39 can help implement to improve the attractiveness of the district to more development, setting land use goals, enhance physical conditions at the building and street level, improve parking, create a more pedestrian friendly environment, and bring innovative and feasible ideas to the retail district, along with a traffic engineering study to help assess traffic circulation and traffic issues affecting the district. The district plan will form a documented vision for the future of the SSA 39 retail district.

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