SSA 39: Brighton Park/Archer Heights

Special Service Area 39 (SSA 39) servicing Brighton Park and Archer Heights was established in 2007. Joining the now 44 SSAs throughout the City in providing services above what the City would normally provide to its constituents. These services include but are not limited to graffiti removal, advertising rebates and seasonal shopping promotions, storefront renovation rebates, vacant commercial property marketing, shopper shuttle bus service, and strategic planning for the Archer Avenue retail district.
Those services are funded by in most cases a less than 1% increase in property taxes to the businesses being serviced over the life of the SSA. In the case of SSA 39 those businesses encompass Archer Avenue from California Avenue to Karlov Avenue, Kedzie Avenue from Archer Avenue to 48th Street and Pulaski Road from 45th Street to 51st Street. This area has over 420 businesses.

For more information please contact Edgar Cabezas at or call 872-281-7832 ext.120 

Our motto is "building a proud community!"

Click to download the SSA 39 MAP.