SSA 39: Programs

The SSA offers a variety of programs to help support local businesses. Some of those highlighted programs include its commitment to combating acid etching and graffiti. SSA #39 has a contract with a graffiti removal specialist that removes graffiti/acid etching without destroying or replacing windows on a continual basis. The SSA is currently experimenting with new ways to protect your properties from vandalism and has already implemented and researched more methods to prevent and solve the problem. To date, the SSA has repaired over 1000 storefront windows and doors.
The SSA has also delivered over $155,000 in rebates for storefront façade improvements since 2013 and is expecting to issue another $50,000 in rebates this year for building improvements. Access to radio and newspaper advertising has been provided to all businesses in the SSA willing to participate. Advertising can be in the form of seasonal promotions or through the SSA advertising rebate program, which covers 50% of advertising costs.

In addition to these services, landscaping projects on an unprecedented scale are being attempted in Brighton Park & Archer Heights. Existing landscaping project sites along Kedzie Avenue and the intersection at 47th & Archer Avenue will continue to be maintained.

For more information please contact Edgar Cabezas at or call 872-281-7832 ext.120